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Love is the most largest yushu boundless love


Yushu county of qinghai province on April 14, 2010 morning two earthquakes, magnitude 7.1, the highest near the earthquake epicenter is located in the county. As of April 25th afternoon 17 when yushu earthquake caused 2220 people were killed and 70 people missing.

In yushu earthquake in the first place, we have heartache, though not on earthquake relief on the line, but the central plains and children and qinghai yushu earthquake victims heart together, under the leadership of the company's organization, we actively given their love, less than 1 hour to raise 5000 yuan sent to wenzhou city Red Cross. Let the people in the disaster area can feel the disaster is not terrible, all Chinese compatriots time in watching over the world care about them.

In the face of each disaster, the company leadership and the staff will take the initiative to spontaneous into compassion ranks, fully embodies the social responsibility of a company and the employee's selfless love.

Companies each employee do a small force of love, believe in yushu people will like our wenchuan people, under the concern and support of the party central committee and the national people's rebuild homeland.

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