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By the company in the market survey, is currently on the market of illegal sales and hypocrisy of fabric shoe pattern design software piracy products of the company. Seriously damaged the interests of customers, will appear in the process of using shoe pattern file is damaged, missing, and a series of unstable problem.

The company's products are software and application software patents, registered trademarks and the computer software copyright registration number is: 2007 sr16387, and special government support for wenzhou software industry project, enjoy the national intellectual property protection.

Originally Hu Linzhong maintenance department employees (June 2006), has been departure from this company, the person engaged in all business activities are outside the individual behavior, as a result of any economic losses have nothing to do with our company.

The company headquarters is located in wenzhou, wenzhou for exclusive sales, has never authorized dealers and individuals operating sales of the company products. Company contact number is as follows:

sales hotline: 0577-88936625 88936626 13957731126(Mr.Ding)

Maintenance department telephone: 0577-88919606 88919607 13957711551(Mr.Li)

Software phones: 0577-88919608 13758448265(Xie)

supervisory telephone: 0577-88936627 13958738798(Mr.Lin)

Website: Http://www.shenpusoft.com

Address:  Shuangyu lucheng industrial zone 11 star road.

Thank you for your customer support over the years our company work, also please customers vigilance.

Such as customers have found that someone stole the name of the company to implement all kinds of illegal activities, please to report, to our company we will strictly investigated for all related legal responsibility!

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AFT-SALE:Click here to send a message to me

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