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‘Earthquake ruthless people love, one party hard eight party support’


  "Earthquake ruthless people love, one party hard eight party support". On April 22, to work on Monday, wenzhou ShenPu software technology co., LTD., in the company Lin Ruiqiu the auspices of the general manager, for sichuan ya 'an earthquake donation was held meetings, s take the lead to donate the love of their own, and then love of colleagues have donated, some employees traveling, when they heard of donations, have trust colleagues to contribute, to present an expression for the people in the disaster area.

  We cannot stop earthquakes bring harm to the people in the area, but unity is strength, can overcome all difficulties; The stream can be merged into a sea of love. No matter how many money, in the face of love, every cent donations are vividly embodies the humanity. 5000 yuan contributions, not just the quantity, the accumulation of more of a "ShenPu people" love dedication, condensation of social responsibility. Also gave her a deep feeling of the people in the disaster area. All "ShenPu people work together," the best of our meagre forces, merged into a sea of love to help people rebuild their homes.

  On April 26, the company commissioned for earthquake donation business financial Hu Xianze, colleagues agree through negotiation, donated to launched by jet li and other famous people "one foundation" in shenzhen China merchants agent point. Listen to hu accounting return donations, merchants set up special "love donation green channel", which fully reflects the whether individual or company, also in front of disaster, all the people in the disaster area. Reflects the great Chinese people deep fellow Chinese people blood is thicker than water.

  In this also wish ya 'an area in sichuan compatriots to rebuild their homes as soon as possible, to live a happy life. Together we cheer for you, China refuels, sichuan refueling, yaan refueling!

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