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Wenzhou headquarters

Address:Wenzhou lucheng industrial zone 11 star road
Service Hotline:0577-88919606 88919607 88919608
Sales hotline:0577-88936625 88936626 88936627


Quanzhou rain field of science and technology co., LTD

Address:Quanzhou ZhanLanCheng ShangMao Street F215-217 on the second floor
Service Hotline:0595-22482908 13808547318


Chengdu Simple jingwei technology co., LTD

Address:Chengdu wuhou district into 645 double road in the middle
Service Hotline:028-85017770 13608015687


Guangzhou office

Address:Guangzhou baiyun district new town are wo street, the new building, third floor
stone road bonanza
Service Hotline:020-86314007 13794330450


Shandong office

Address:Qingdao cieme blue village resident
Service Hotline:0532-82599993 13792897369


Shanghai office

Address:Putuo district of Shanghai Macao road, room 902, 17, 288
Service Hotline:021-33531567 15821551099


Huidong repair station

Address:Huidong county of huizhou city DaLing town two lane two large street, no. 4
Service Hotline:0752-8586700 13005756000


Chongqing bishan repair station

Address:Chongqing bishan Great Wall transportation company 4 unit 2-1
Service Hotline:023-41435526 13527369990


JiangDu repair station

Address:Jiangsu jiangdu trade city district 2 no. 3 floor 21st
Service Hotline:0514-85011223 15052587080


Danyang repair station

Address:Jiangsu danyang Orient leather mall area of the west side of the gate
Service Hotline:0511-86960813 13861380039


Shenyang repair station

Address:3D-25 big east leather market in shenyang
Service Hotline:024-88567480 13940002863


Wenling authorized service shop

Address:Taizhou possessing ZhuGuYang HengFeng street district no.275
Service Hotline:0576-88421789 13566667337


Chongqing hong hao four shoes

Address:Chongqing south golden temple economic center 100-8
Service Hotline:023-62876613 13983050183



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AFT-SALE:Click here to send a message to me

AFT-SALE:Click here to send a message to me

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