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Wenzhou Simple Technology Co. Ltd. in order to promote the cooperation of software and equipment, at the same time in order to better serve our users as well as to engaged in shoe pattern design of a person of noble aspirations, long years of professional training system, guidance activities.
Simple company training department has site, software, machinery and equipment and professional guidance and training specialized teachers.

In view of the different situations of the participants, can be divided into the following two categories:
a) Customer participants (crash course): the basic operation and test operation requirements can grasp Jingwei software, scanner, cutting machine.
b) The society of young students: on the society of young students must learn the following aspects:
1.The basic operation of WINDOWS;
2.The basic configuration, hardware keyboard, mouse operation;
3.CAD software installation;
4.Recognition, the latitude and longitude of equipment installation, connection;
5.The composition, function and the function of CAD software;
6.Jingwei software operation;
7.Using a scanner;
8.Scanner calibration;
9.Cutting machine operation;
10.Correction of cutting machine;
11.The similarities and differences between different types of cutting machine;
12.The use of digital instrument;
13.Familiar with some students use shortcut keys;
14.The problems often excluded

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AFT-SALE:Click here to send a message to me

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