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Simple company will provide you with free system training. From JWXY shoe pattern design CAD software installation, operation, and maintenance to use JWNC shaping cutter the company professionals are tracking teaching, until the user to learn...

Simple company has a strong, skilled, quick response, bears hardships and stands hard work, professional maintenance team, to ensure that every machine sold well. No matter where you are, if you are JWNC shaping cutter is abnormal, as long as you dial our service hotline, our maintenance staff will be in the first time appear in your side...

Simple company in a standardized professional brand. We in the production of the machine at the same time, equipped with a large number of standard parts and components, in order to offer you a rainy day...

Simple company established a professional web site and have a professional maintenance, timely release the latest technical information, provide technical support, to collect user Suggestions, online, solving technical problems for you to save the cost of production.

Simple company has a strong software development team, they pay attention to practical, pay attention to the application of the user's goals, pay more attention to the advance of a software development, equipment, strives for perfection.

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AFT-SALE:Click here to send a message to me

AFT-SALE:Click here to send a message to me

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