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"People" is the core of enterprise development resources.

Simple adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of humanistic management, through the construction of scientific and effective human resources management system, form the systematic introduction, training, incentive management of human resources system, to achieve the efficient allocation of human resources, provides the powerful talent guarantee for the sustainable development of Simple.

Simple talent as a strategic resource of enterprise development, respect for talent, talent, poly, with good, good talent, to create "encourage talent selecting, talent into his career, help people talent good business" of the atmosphere, condensing a group loyal to the business, good management, dare to innovation the backbone of the talent, make wei star really "entrepreneurship homes, is the fertile soil.


Simple culture cultivation, to unify, by Simple career in performance, to improve learning.

Cultivate people——to Simple Simple culture culture edification, cultivate the employee's sentiment, make the right employees wei star, excellently, dedication Simple.

To unify people by Simple career——a good environment and the harmonious progress of the working environment is one of the important conditions to attract talent, provides all kinds of talent selecting broad stage and comfortable environment, and formed a vertical channel, the promotion way of multidimensional and development, to attract various talents and condensed the content with Simple and its industry.

With performance of people————ShenPu appraisal of employees highlight the concept of "JiangQinFaLan, spoke with performance", adopts the quantitative qualitative "+", "360 - degree" appraisal way, and then make a relatively fair evaluation. Not only attaches importance to its current performance and the performance, but also analyze its development potential.

To improve people————learning is to improve the level, the most effective way to improve themselves. ShenPu require employees should not only learn from books, journals, and to learn in the working practice, learning from others, even at the same time to meet the needs of the development of individuals and businesses. In ShenPu, there are a variety of ways and methods of learning, improve the comprehensive quality of employees.


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