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Malaysia Shipping

Malaysia Shipping

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Dear Malaysia friends

Do you need best shipping service from China to Malaysia by courier and by sea?

Our company has many years experience on international logistics. Please trust and choice us !

Professional to to provide agent for taobao shopping for malaysia customer and door to door to .Malaysia. China(Guangzhou) to Malaysia by sea and courier(air) door to door lin service.

We can offer you our warehouse address to help receive goods,consolidate all parcels,then ship togerther.

1. If you have Taobao account and Alipay account,you just get customer code from us ,and put on you addres on Taobao delivery address.


ATTN:(customer code+xxx收)

for example: MY001+xxx收)


Post code:510410

2. When you finish shopping, you just send back the courier no list, will send one document for your list ,and let me know the total packages,when I got the all the parcels,or any questions, will feed back you.
3. after receive all the parcels,finish packing, and let you know the actual weight and volume weight.and total freight charge.

For the payment:
1) pay to our China bank account by western union or by "汉生","长诚汇款”and so on ,
2) Pay by via Alipay account(zhifubao):”转账“ .

3)You can also directly into our bank account in Malaysia,it need to charge feed for 15MYR,and the exchange rate for 1MYR=1.46RMB(according to the wedsite updates).

Our courier (door to door)to West Malaysia service about 4 days arrive.

The fist 0.5KG: 35RMB.  The second 0.5KG: 14RMB.

Above 11KG:  24RMB/KG

Above 21KG:  23RMB/KG.

Above 46KG: 22.5 RMB/KG.

Above 101KG:  22RMB/KG.

Our courier (door to door)to East Malaysia service about 5 days arrive.

The fist 0.5KG: 60RMB.  The second 0.5KG: 20RMB.

6-11KG : the pice is 42RMB/KG.

Above 11KG:  36RMB/KG.

Above 21KG:  36RMB/KG.  Above 46KG:  35RMB/KG.

Above 71KG:  35RMB/KG.  Above 101KG:  34RMB/KG.

Please note that the count of volume weight way is:(L*W*H)/6000 (by cm). It need to compare the actual weight ,which one is more,which to choose.For example:if the box size is : (50*60*50)/6000=25KG,the actual weight is 20KG,we will choose 25KG,if same size ,the actual weight is 30KG,will choose 30KG.

Our sea (door to door)to West Malaysia service about 15 days arrive.

The pice is : 600RMB/CBM (at least charge 1CBM).

Our sea (door to door)to East Malaysia service about 18 days arrive.

The pice is : 1000RMB/CBM (at least charge 1CBM).

1.The freight calcuiator method :If volume is not more than 1CBM,we charge at least 1CBM,if 1.5CBM,the pice :1.5*600=900RMB.

2.This pice including GST,and there is no other fees.

3.The date of loading :each Wednesday and Staurday.

We also focus on taobao transportation. We have dedicated employees is responsible for registering each of your packages, storage, consolidation.we will wait for your all parcels arriving .then send together. Our air and sea transport are provided free of carton packaging to ensure your goods are not easily damaged during transport for small items..if we find some goods easy broken during the transport, we will suggest you repack by wooden. If we find the broken items before sign the parcels or shipping, we will let you know.and you can talk to the seller to change the goods or refund the money.

You can contact us by email, whatsapp, wechat,QQ,Skype, we will reply you as soon as possibile. And please offer a email address,we will send you a doc and shipping process to you.

If any questions, please directly contact us for more information, we will offer our best service for you .