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International Logistics

China to Thailand、Southeast Asian countries、European,USA,Canada by courier

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Guangzhou JueXin express company specialize in DHL UPS EMS FEDEX TNT

We also help customer buy the goods from , and so on.

please get a file from us.

The following is our process to ship the goods from China
1. when you want to use our service,get a customer code from us via email, whatsapp,

wechat, QQ,and so on .
customer code for separte your goods with other customers ,very important
2. Put our delivery address at your taobao delivery address, or ask the supplier  to send

the goods to us as following address.

ATTN:customer code+XXX收)
for example: JX001+XXX收)
Tel: 020-37324980
Post code: 510420
3. Please offer your email address, We will send you a doc to help list the goods details.

( list customer address, courier no, goods name, quantity,price and so on ). After you

finish shopping, then send me back.we need this information to do the invoice to claim the

goods to customs.we also use the courier no to find the parcels which the seller forget to

write customer code.
If you need follow the parcels whether sign by us or not, please register in our website,

upload the courier no and other details. Once we receive the parcels,will sign in our website.

(if you register,please send the user name to us for activate account)

4 after received all goods, we will repack, weight and measure the volume,calculate shipping

5. Payment method
1)pay by western union, MoneyGram,or Alipay.or bank to bank.
2)pay by paypal. Will charge USD5 for commission( from paypal to paypal commission

pay by cusotmer)

China to  Thailand international logistics,door to door.

By truck:door to door(Bangkok),about:5-7 days.

By sea:door to door(Bangkok),about:10-12 days.

By air:door to door(Bangkok),about:3days.

The following is price from China to Europe (DHL ,all in price,about 3days arrived)
(Belgium,Netherlandsthe,Luxembourg,Italy,Germany,France,United Kingdom,San Marino,



first 0.5kg: 150RMB     Second 0.5kg: 30RMB
More then 22kg
45RMB/KGMore then 51KG42RMB/KG
More then 71KG
40RMB/KGMore then 101KG38RMB/KG

USD DHL, about 3days arrive,
First 0.5KG: 135RMB    second 0.5KG: 20RMB
More then 22KG
43RMB/KG more then 51KG41RMB/KG
More then  71KG
39RMB/KG more then  101KG37RMB/KG

CANADA  (DHLabout 3days arrive
First 0.5KG: 170RMB  second 0.5KG: 22RMB
More then  22kg
45RMB/KG     more then  51KG43RMB/KG
More then 71KG
41RMB/KG     more then 101KG38RMB/KG

1. If goods with battery, will be add at least 30RMB, if exceeded, will add: 3RMB/KG
2. Brand name goods(Copy): Below 22kg, the first 0.5kg: Add:50RMB,
Second 0.5kg: add:5RMB
More then 22kg: add 5RMB/kg

Prohibited goods: liquird, powder,food, cosmetics,dangerous and so on

.by courier ,as the DHL regulation, need compare the volume weight and actual weight,

the volume count method : L*W*H/5000 (by cm),for example, if the box size is: 50*60*50cm

/5000=30kg, the actual weight is: 28KG, will charge as 30KG, if same size, the actual

weight is:35KG, will charge 35KG.

DHL will charge the extral charge, if the goods is over the following rules.
1.  If the weight of one carton is over 70kg(including),or one of size is over 120cm(including),

will charge extral fee: 200RMB * Fuel surcharge
2. If the delivery address(post code )which check in DHL website is remote area, need add

remote area fee. At least 180rmb*fuel charge.if exceeded, will add 3.6RMB* Fuel surcharge.

If you want to delivery some goods to the worldwide, please contact us .