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Guangzhou Juexin Express Co. Ltd.
ADD:122,F Building, HongSen International Logistics Center, JiaHe street, Baiyun District,Guangzhou City.


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Guangdong Jue Xin International Logistics Co.Ltd are professional in dealing with international logistic transportation,what’s more,we also devote ourselves to the healthy development both in air freight and international transport.Our main business scopes include lines logistics from China to Singapore,from China to Thailand,from China to Malaysia and from mainland to TaiWan.In all,our company is a large–scale logistic establishment which is a model profession in making efforts in international transportation.

Guangdong Jue Xin International Logistics has rich experience in international transport trade.Our company pay great attention in carrying service and the concept of customers.In addition,we also make it our service guideline to be safe,fast and close.With the most practical working style and the philosophy of customer first,we make it our goals to deliver you all of your goods without any damage.In that,we are trying our best to provide you with the most cost-effective servic.Therefore,you will have a clear information about where your cargoes are at any moment and anytime.

Nowadays,our company has established an logistics service network that cover the world’s main line haul.Meanwhile,we also form an transportation resource network that allows transport line from China to Singapore,transfer from China to Malaysia,China to Thailand,a base from mainland to TaiWan and eradiate two hundred countries and areas around the world,which provide the friends from different countries all over the world with the most convenient transport service.At the same time,our company take the advantages of our own superiority,supply you with purchase and transhipment.

Guangdong Jue Xin International Logistics Co.Ltd in line with customer retention and first service,seeking truth and innovation,striving for excellent and target at leading large transport industry,we are not only take conveying value as motivation but also take responsibility of offering safety, speed and professional heavy transportation for clients.Furthermore,we using the advantage of internet sources and the profession of heavy transportation combine with the benefit of plenty information, fullfill the resources of talented petson,strive to create the first brand of international transport.